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CDMA Cell Phones: Its Definition, Advantages & How the Term Plays

CDMA Cell Phones is the next mobile phone that you are going to buy, do you usually check on the technical specifications? Or do you just go for the best-looking or latest model from a particular CDMA Cell Phones brand that you like?
Basically, CDMA Cell Phones users are divided into a portion that checks on such technical specifications – while another part does not. So what are the consequences if you will not check on the technical specifications of the mobile phone that you are purchasing? And what do these specifications indicate in the first place? Read on to find out.
A Crash Course on Mobile Phone Standards
As you already know, the technology which is being used by CDMA Cell Phones manufacturers continues to improve over the years. The same thing applies when it comes to the type of technology that they are using.
To learn more about the mobile phone standards which are being used by cell phone manufacturers, here's a quick list of the basics: 1. TDMA or Time Division Multiple Access This is the mobile standard technology used in Global System for Mobile Communications or GSM's 2G phone applications. The good thing about using this type of technology is that it covers virtually every part of the globe, so international roaming calls is not a problem at all.

2. CDMA or Code Division Multiple Access This is the technology used in GSM's 3G mobile phone applications. The focus of this mobile phone technology is spread-spectrum techniques. What makes CDMA different from TDMA technology is that it provides better capacity for voice and data communications.
More about the CDMA Technology Used on Mobile Phones
As mentioned earlier, CDMA provides better capacity for voice and data communications. This is especially true when you compare CDMA with TDMA commercial mobile technologies. The good thing about CDMA is that the GSM's 3G mobile application will allow any mobile phone user to connect to the network at any given time.
With the multitude of 3G applications which are available on various mobile phone units, brands and models today – CDMA cell phones are definitely advantageous for a cell phone user.
To learn more about why it pays to go for CDMA cell phones as compared to other types of mobile technology, take a look at the following advantages:
- When you check on the map which indicates the coverage of the network for the carrier that you have, you will usually see GSM or CDMA carriers. This means that CDMA cell phones provide better coverage all around.

- Another distinct advantage of CDMA cell phones is that you can utilize video streaming, receive podcasts and use e-mail services. Also, CDMA is traditionally faster than GSM while at the same time being adaptable to 3G or third generation technologies.

- Additionally, making international calls or sending text messages is made a lot easier through roaming technology, which is also an application of CDMA cell phones.

With all these benefits and more, why else would you not take advantage of CDMA Cell Phones?
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