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New Sprint CDMA U300 3G/4G USB Broadband Modem CleanESN


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  • Model: u300

The U300 delivers the best of both worlds: Turbo-charged Sprint 4G Network (where available) and nationwide 3G coverage everywhere else. Plug the U300 into your port, and you can download mammoth files or video conference without the lag. With the 3G/4G plan, this card on 4G can keep up with you.

Key features:
Super-fast 4G speeds in select cities today; and soon in other major cities
Average download speeds of 3-6 Mbps
3G access nationwide on the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network
Employs authentication and identification system for top-notch security
Compatible with Windows Vista/XP/2000 (not compatible with MAC)
Easy installation with included CD
Supports over-the-air software updates
Hands-free activation
Internal antenna
Rotating USB connector
GPS services on the Sprint Mobile Broadband Network (not Sprint 4G)
Technical specifications:
Backwards compatible to the Sprint EV-DO/Rev 0 and 1XRTT networks
Dimensions: 1.28 x 3.6 x 0.48 inches
Weight: 44g

Windows Vista 32, XP, 2000. Incompatible with Mac OS systems.

Easy install and activation - CD required.
Hands-Free Activation: the device will be activated automatically as part of the installation process and ready to go. Note: user must activate device on a Sprint account before inserting.

GPS enabled
Supports Sprint Navigation, BlackBerry Maps & other GPS applications when using the Sprint 3G Mobile Broadband Network.

Advanced built-in antenna that offers advanced dual-band diversity design enhances performance by maximizing data throughout.

Sprint SmartView
Sprint SmartView connection manager makes connecting fast and easy, plus gives you easy access to GPS features and services at the touch of a button. Additionally, customized configuration is available to Enterprise customers.

Mobile Broadband Capable
With the evolution to EV-DO Revision A, users in markets where it is rolled out, will experience faster average download speeds of 600 kbps - 1.4 Mbps and average upload speeds of 350 - 500 kbps.

Employs CDMA wireless technology authentication and identification system for top-notch security. The Mobile Identification Number (MIN) and Electronic Serial Number (ESN), together with CDMA spread spectrum technology, make it virtually impossible for unauthorized users to capture and decipher messages and other sensitive information.