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BlackBerry 8700v 8700 Unlocked GSM -Brand New


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  • Model: 8700v

 you are on the go 24x7 and are literally living out of a suitcase, then the Blackberry 8700v is one such phone that will suit your needs.  It is one phone that will keep you connected via the emails to your office so that you know exactly what is happening when and where. When you compare the Blackberry 8700v with its predecessors, you will realize that it is surely more modern. However, the traditional Blackberry design, which is the QWERTY keyboard and a wide screen. It comes in a metallic gray finish, which is advertised as scratch resistant but there is no doubt about the fact that a screen protector would definitely serve the purpose and keep  your phone free from any kind of scratches.

The phone may look heavy at a glance but in fact, it is light in weight at 134g and in terms of size it is just 110mm x 69.5mm x 19.5mm. With these specifications, you will know exactly how the phone will look and feel how much will it weigh without actually holding one in your hand. The Blackberry 8700v also boasts of a multi-coloured LED, which is located at the top right hand-side corner of the phone.   The LED can be further used to indicate the exact status of this device. If you have the habit of just looking at the phone to see if you have received any calls or emails, then you can very easily colour-code for missed calls, SMS, MMS, emails, and the like.

If you are worried that the phone may have a small keypad, which will make you press the wrong keys, then that can be put to rest as the keys are shaped in such a way that it actually  makes it rather difficult to use the wrong keys. The number keys are to the left, which suggests that this phone has been designed mainly for the right-handers. However, it's just a matter of time before the left-handers get used to it as well. A new light-sensing technology has been incorporated in the Blackberry 8700v, which means that the light of the screen adjusts itself in various lighting effects. So the next time you want to use it in broad daylight or then maybe in a dark
 movie theater, you can use this device with ease.

Since the Blackberry 8700v is built to target the millions of business-minded people all across the globe, it does not seem to support MP3 ring tones, which can make it a little too dull. But in meetings and conferences, you can in no way have the phone ringing  loudly, can you? Hence, you may not really miss the absence of MP3 ring tones that much although you think you may. However, the quality of the in built polyphonic ring tones is pretty impressive, which totally makes up for no MP3 support ring tones.  If you are looking for a classy phone, then this is one such phone that is the epitome of style all through.