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  • Model: m800 alltel

  • Service Provider: Alltel Wireless.
  • Model: Alltel Motorola M800 Bag Phone.
  • Bands: CDMA 1X 800/1900 MHz / AMPS 800 MHz.
  • Standby Time: Up to approximately 10 hours.
  • Talk Time: Handset mode Up to 240 min. Hands-free mode Up to 105 min
  • Phonebook: Up to 500 entries, 20 voice tags.
  • Conference Calling: with up to 5 participants.
  • Key Features: The Motorola M800 phone with its voice activation feature, enhanced display screen and all round handsfree environment, the Motorola M800 is the mobile way to communicate. When business is all about being on the road, the new Motorola M800 Car Phone is what you want. With fast, professional installation and easy-to-use voice activation, nothing else comes close when it's time to hit the road.
    • Superior Hands-Free Audio Quality: Clear sound with background noise and echo suppression.
    • Well-Spaced Illuminated Keys: Easy and accurate dialing.
    • Enlarged Font Size: 8mm full-size digits for easy reading.
    • Voice Activation: Name and number dialing via spoken commands.
    • Superior Hands-Free Audio Quality: Clear sound with background noise and echo suppression.
  • Unique Vehicle Interfaces:
    • One-Time Fixed Installation: Always with the driver.
    • Auxiliary Alert: Signal incoming calls via vehicle horn or lights.
    • Ignition Sense: Automatic on / off switch.
    • External Antenna: Extended RF Power.
    • Car Radio Entertainment Mute: Silences car radio system during a call.
  • Whether you are a FedEx or UPS driver, utility field service worker or fleet truck manager, dedicated in-vehicle communication is vital to the delivery of your products and the success of your organization.
  • Key Benefits:
    • Reliability: A powerful unit installed into the vehicle for dedication communication .
    • Performance: Clear, sharp sound & improved signal coverage in remote locationsr.
    • Conveniencey: User-friendly design and one-touch operations.
    • Safety:Hands-free operation so you can keep your eyes on the road.
  • Additionally, with today's ever-expanding laws banning the use of hand-held mobile phones while driving, the M800 offers a completely installed communications tool for drivers on the road.
  • MSRP: $499.99.