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  • Model: Q9C G

  • Service Provider: Alltel Wireless.
  • Model: Alltel Motorola Q9C.
  • Features: The Motorola Q9c offers convenient features such as an ergonomically optimized keyboard for accurate and fast typing, a side-scroll thumbwheel for easy one-handed menu navigation, and dedicated keys for easy access to favorite features like messaging, speakerphone and multimedia. The Q9c also has a dedicated multimedia interface and is one of the first smartphones to support over-the-air music downloads. The Q9c also combines advanced phone capabilities, such as voice-activated *bidallies* dialing, smart contacts dialing, speakerphone, and Bluetooth wireless technology for certain profiles. This update to the original Q sports a refined design, improved keyboard, and version 6 of Windows Mobile. Other features remain the same, including EVDO high-speed data, stereo Bluetooth, megapixel camera, miniSD memory card slot, and speakerphone.
    • Pocket Internet Explorer for Internet access.
    • Wireless Sync for anytime connectivity with email, calendar and contacts synchronization.
    • 1.3-megapixel camera with flash.
    • Two home screens (standard and multimedia) with easy toggle.
    • EV-DO access for fast downloads of data, email and large attachments.
    • Built-in Bluetooth and Compatible with miniSD storage for pictures, videos, music, and sounds.
    • Dual, stereo-quality speakers.