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Blackberry Trackball/ Chrome Ring Replacement (Set of 2)


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  • Model: trackball 2

  • When your trackball stops working properly, a replacement will likely solve your problem
  • Keep your Blackberry cell phone at its best to keep in touch with friends and family
  • Mobile phone accessories can be a do-it-yourself fix


  1. Gently remove the plastic silver ring around the Blackberry trackball by lifting the three tabs that hold it in place--use a tiny screwdriver to pry the tabs securing the silver ring
  2. Remove the inner ring holding the trackball in place (some Blackberry models do not have this ring)
  3. Gently remove the trackball
  4. Put in the replacement trackball
  5. Replace the white plastic lock or ring that keeps the trackball in place--lock or ring must be carefully and precisely aligned with small holes receiving the tabs that will keep the components secured in place
  6. Check your new trackball to be sure it is functioning properly