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Nokia Cell Phones: Continuing Legacy of Excellence and Innovations

Nokia revolutionized digital mobile telephony when it first introduced a fully digital GSM mobile phone. Since then, Nokia have become a global leader in the mobile phone industry and continues to introduce innovations to give consumers top of the line cell phones.
Nokia cell phones are constantly evolving. There are literally hundreds of Nokia mobile phone models you can choose. Each has its own unique features to match every consumer’s needs and preference.
The versatility and design features of Nokia cell phones make them ideal for all types of users. It is not surprising therefore to see kids, teens, professionals and business executives brandishing Nokia cell phones.
Business Class Email Innovations
Nokia cell phones can offer diverse email solutions and choices for users. Mobile email is one of the strongest features of every Nokia smart phone ever since web capability has been integrated with mobile devices. The highly functional web browsing capability of Nokia cell phones make them ideal for business users with specific needs for email communications.
Recently, Nokia has teamed up with IBM and Microsoft to provide users with the widest web mail network. Such alliance can certainly improve the communication capability of Nokia cell phones.
Introduction of the 8 Megapixel Camera Phone
Nokia has long been a market leader in the 5 megapixel camera phone market. Using smart face recognition technology and constantly improving imaging techniques, Nokia cell phones have become so popular among photo enthusiasts.
Nokia however upgrades its camera phones with the introduction of the N86 8MP camera phone model. This is a slick camera phone that features ultra high resolution 8 megapixel camera with innovative cell phone stand and metal and glass phone casing.
These Nokia cell phones not only improved photo imaging but added unique and elegant designs. By integrating touch technology, you will be able to take images with better quality. The built in connectivity features of Nokia cell phones will allow you to quickly share and distribute pictures to another phone, email, or web photo sharing service.
Useful Features for Everyone
Latest Nokia cell phones can be enjoyed by business users as well as those looking for a highly productive personal mobile phone. The latest E-Series of Nokia offers complete productivity and mobile communication package designed for everyday use.
With highly innovative thin sliding keyboards and larger storage and data transfer, you will be able to enjoy mobile video conferencing and calls and fully functional electronic and instant messaging.
These latest mobile devices are pre-uploaded with security applications, GPS, and multi media functionality. Most importantly, Nokia cell phones can now be enjoyed by mobile users on the CDMA network. Nokia has introduced its latest dual slider smart phone designed for its North American operation. Nokia services and mobile technology can now be used by consumers in these areas.
Nokia has been a major player in the digital mobile phone industry for nearly 2 decades already. The popularity of its mobile device models is unmatched ever since the first digital smart mobile was introduced.
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