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Palm Treo Cell Phones: A Closer Look at The Smart Series

Long before certain classes of Smart phones became popular, there was already a company who catered to high-end and tech-savvy people that wanted a personal organizer, a pocket PC, and a mobile phone all in one.
Palm Treo Cell Phones began as a developer of PDAs or personal digital assistants and pocket PCs in 1996. Having a Palm Pilot back then meant that you were updated with the latest in mobile computing technology. However, at the early years of the new millennium, Palm revolutionalized the mobile phone industry by introducing the Palm Treo, the pioneer in Smartphone technology.
Palm Treo Cell Phones were defined as mobile phones that also had the features of a pocket PC and PDA – meaning that it could not just be used to make calls and store and send text messages, it could also save a detailed schedule of your activities, could be used in presentations, and could connect to the internet so that you could send and receive emails.
And as mobile phones have also started to integrate digital photography into their technology, Palm Treo has not been remiss in providing the latest multi-featured Smartphones that has kept to the pace of modern technology and consumer demands.
The Palm Treo has come out with eighteen Smartphone models in all, starting from the Treo 180 that came out in 2002. Here’s a look at some of the Palm Treo Cell Phones that have defined the Smartphone industry throughout the years:
Treo 90, 180, 180g and 270
Technically the Treo 90, which came out in 2002 is a part of the Treo series, but is not a Smartphone at all – only a PDA that ran on the Palm operating system. However, the Treo 180 and 180g both of which came out the same year, were Smartphones. The 180 brothers were very basic Smartphones with simple PDA functions combined with a dual band monochrome screen mobile phone in a flip-form design. The Treo 270, which was also released in 2002, had a colored screen.
The Treo 600 series
In the following two years – 2003 to 2004 - Palm released the 600 / 650 series for the Treo line. Besides the basic functions of the older models, a built in camera was included in most of the models, with the 650 models sporting additional higher resolution (320 x 320) colored screens as well as having Bluetooth connectivity. All ran on Palm OS 5. A later model, the Treo 680 was released in 2006, with quad band and GPRS, GSM and EDGE technology, and was the first of the series to be without the stubby antennae found in older models.
The Treo 700 series
The 700 series Smartphones came out in 2006, and had more features such as higher version of Bluetooth, larger internal memory, a better camera, but had a smaller resolution. They still ran on Palm OS 5, with the exception of the Treo 750 and Treo 750v, which ran on the Windows Mobile operating system.
The Palm Treo Pro and Palm Treo 800w
The latest offerings from the series are the Palm Treo Pro and Palm Treo 800w, which showcase the latest features in Smartphone technology, which include touchscreen interface and Wi-Fi compatibility, with the older standard features enhanced, and run on the Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Edition operating system.
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