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Siemens Cell Phones: Legacy of the World of Wireless Handset

Sorry. Siemens AG has already discontinued creating new mobile phones. It started when the Siemens Mobile division of Siemens AG was sold to BenQ. Since then, the mobile phones created by the Siemens Mobile were sold under the BenQ-Siemens brand. And sadly, this brand filed for bankruptcy in 2006. But the legacy left by Siemens to the world of wireless handset will be remembered forever.
Siemens Cell Phones that Made a Difference in the Wireless Handset World
Motorola made the first mobile phone in early 1980s. It was literally as bulky as a brick. But people considered it as a great advancement in the telephone industry.
The good thing about this Motorola model is its being mobile. However, you might need a good bag to hold it because it can never fit in a common handbag. Aside from this, the phone also suffers short battery life and signal problems.
In 1985, Siemens entered the wireless handset war with its weapon—the Siemens Mobiltelefon C1. It has fulfilled what Motorola failed to offer. It has a better power supply and a better signal. The phone is smaller too. However, it has a big battery with it, making it ideal for car use only.
In 1994, Siemens contributed another legacy to the wireless phone industry—the Siemens S1. This is the first wireless handset having a four-line LCD display. Aside from that, it offers great features too including a better battery life and longer signal range. It is also among the first GSM phones in the industry.
Other Unforgettable Contributions of Siemens Cell Phone
It was a long time waiting, almost a decade, before the first color mobile phone is introduced into the market. Siemens broke that long waiting with the Siemens S10. It can display four different colors including white, blue, green, and red. This phone was marketed as the first phone for outdoor use as well.
Meanwhile, Nokia can be the most famous company offering great slider cell phones. But do you know that Siemens offered the first slider cell phone? It was the Siemens SL10 that was released in 1999.
Another great contribution of Siemens to the cell phone industry is the first phone having an MP3 player—the Siemens SL45. It is also the first mobile phone to have an expandable external memory using MultiMediaCard.
The Siemens’s Collapse
The first years of Siemens proved to be so prosperous with the introduction of “first phones” in the industry. But the Siemens Mobile started to collide in the early third millennium.
Siemens tried to bounce its good standing in the cell phone industry with its many new mobile phones. One of these is the Xelibri fashion phones. This is a line of cell phone products mainly created for good looks. However, people were not amazed of the “out-of-this-world” designs of these cell phones. Besides, they offer no new feature aside from the “good looks.”
Before Siemens Mobile was sold to BenQ, it was still able to produce another “first phone.” It is the Siemens SXG75, which is known as the first phone having real support for GPS.
Siemens cell phones may have not reached the renaissance of the wireless phone industry. But its legacy will remain forever. You or the future generation may not know it but Siemens’s tracks will be marked forever on the wireless phone industry.
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