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Sprint Blackberry Cell Phones: Knowing What Can it Bring You?

There are different Blackberry models that are being provided by Sprint. However, if you want a stylish phone that has numerous cool features as well as bearing the Sprint services, then the Sprint Blackberry Curve 8330 the great communication device for you. Design-wise this Sprint phone offers comfort when it comes to its usage during calls that lasts for hours. Its full QWERTY keyboard is also big enough, without having to bring a certain look of hugeness to the phone.
Great Messaging Capabilities
The great thing about the Sprint Blackberry Curve is its messaging capabilities. Not only does it allow you to avail of the SMS and MMS services, it also lets you do instant messaging as well. This is because Sprint has integrated a number of very useful software into this Blackberry model like support for instant messaging for Yahoo!, AOL and Google. This way, if you have accounts with both Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger, you can easily access them through your Sprint Blackberry. Sprint has even added on a Facebook application to their Blackberry phones, which enables Facebook users to always stay in touch with their friends who are online using their Blackberry Curve. They can even update their profiles here as well. Other communication needs supported by the Sprint Blackberry Curve include supporting as many as 10 personal email addresses in just one location.
Navigation is Not a Problem
You will never get lost if you have a Sprint Blackberry Curve as well. This is because this phone uses Sprint’s own Navigator system when it comes to getting directions. With this, you will be able to get clear maps and turn screens to show you the way.
Better Scheduling with the Sprint Calendar
You will also find the calendar on the Sprint Blackberry Curve quite satisfactory. This is because Sprint has provided an improved version here compared with the original Curve model, which leads to one looking smoother and featuring some accents with nice colors. This makes the Sprint Blackberry calendar easier to read.
The Sprint Pocket Express
The Sprint Pocket Express application on the web browser of the Sprint Blackberry has made something organized out of the usual messy layout and complicated pages of the phone. Sprint has provided some easy access to weather updates, movie times and news through the colorful and clean interface of their browser. This means that you are able to have an easier time in looking into all the categories on the Internet that you can find while browsing.
Made for Your Listening Pleasure
Going for a Sprint Blackberry Curve 8330 is getting an updated version of the media menu of the usual Blackberry phone as well as the over-the-air music store of Sprint. On the Sprint Blackberry Curve, the music store appears polished and nice looking, making it have one of the best interface designs that you can find. Through this feature, you will be able to download great tracks right from the Internet. As this Sprint Blackberry comes with a Bluetooth stereo support and a 3.5mm headphone jack, you can expect to get more hours of listening pleasure from it. To make things better and for you to store more media files, Sprint also adds on a 1GB microSD memory card to their Sprint Blackberry Curve package.
Aside from all these features, the Sprint Blackberry Curve also comes with a 2.0 mega pixel camera that lets you take pictures wherever you go. With this camera, you won’t ever miss to capture a special moment ever again.
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