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Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2

Looking for a great no-nonsense smartphone that does it all whenever you want wherever you are? Then look Cellular2Buy.com's Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 handsets and look no more for the quality and savings you deserve with the hottest prices anywhere, online or off!

The Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 was designed expressly with business users in mind, featuring the industy standard operating system, Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional Edition, with a gorgeous touch screen and one of the best-rated QWERTY keyboards to be found on the market. It comes with HTC's own Straight Talk conference call management technology built in and world-roaming capabilities, along with WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility and rich multimedia applications and devices all on board. We are proud to present the Sprint HTC Touch Pro 2 with these premium features for the lowest possible prices because we believe in bang-for-the-buck value, and so does HTC!

Long an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) of solid repute, HTC spent years creating advanced electronics for others before deciding to market their own designs under their own label. Many a bestselling smartphone on the market has been an HTC "under the hood," as ODMs build from start to finish, including design and development! Unlike the more familiar OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, an ODM like HTC doesn't simply built to spec, but source those specs themselves. With all this accumulated expertise in each HTC handset, your Cellular2Buy.com Touch Pro 2 comes from a legacy of technological achievement excellence second to none.

Interactive touch and multimedia. Dual-mode GSM/CDMA functionality. 3G speeds. 528MHz processing for responsiveness that keeps up with you. That's the Cellular2Buy.com Touch Pro 2. Yet our HTC products cost only a fraction of those advertised elsewhere - because we believe in bang-for-the-buck quality as the internet's discount leader in modern mobile communications. Get yours from us and get it without onerous contract terms and conditions that tie you down! For with Cellular2Buy.com you can take your handset to any carrier you wish and it would still work. At Cellular2Buy.com we believe in the consumer's convenience and freedome of choice first and foremost.

That's because we focus on customers first at Cellular2Buy.com, not orders. To be sure, our shipping department is the best in the business and will expedite your order carefully and accurately in a timely manner, but we are most proud of our customer care representatives who provide advice and support both before and after a sale. With Cellular2Buy.com, you'll never be left alone holding a credit card statement wondering where your phone is! We are industry leaders when it comes to pleasing our customers, with superior service metrics year after year. In fact, we believe that cell phones are only our secondary business - your satisfaction is our first!

Quality. Service. Value. Cellular2Buy.com. Where your satisfaction is our first order of business.

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